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Cloud computing is becoming more common infrastructure in global market, which is one of the most spotlighted keywords recently in on- and off line markets. In contrast, it has been spreaded to consumer market in domestic after telecommunication companies and conglomerate formed provider market by huge capitals investment. Among cloud services, many companies pay attention to the service called desktop virtualization or desktop clouding which is enabler of green IT, smartworking and tightened security. Beacause a company directors in charge of service planning have pointed out the obstacle caused by confused terminology and overeinflated effect, i write for a magazine with intend to provide real market situation and effects of virtualized desktop. Therefore this contents contain market situation and effect parts for planners and technical trends parts for engineer.

Concepts of cloud computing versus. virtualization

To clarify concepts of cloud through comparison analysis between cloud computing and similar words which are familiar with us for several years. 

(table 1) comparison with similar concepts of cloud computing

People might regard cloud computing as representive technology involved with Green IT due to effects to save energy and IT resources, which can be described as vitualization technology has lead services implemented by orchestration with computer resources scattered in worldwide. Herein computer resources mean hardware resources such as CPU,Memory,Hardisk as well as software including operating system and various applications, and it could be classified according to types of resources as SaaS(Software as a Service), DaaS(Desktop as a Service) and so on. The core technology of cloud computing should be virtulization technology which was regarded as familiar technology for IT experts because it was developed 40 years ago ironically and conneted to unix virtualization technology. Therefore it will be helpful for people to define key success factors through understanding the background how this technology create large market as a fashionated megatrend. First of all, it is said that this technology has been spotlighted as enbler to increase current maximum CPU clock speed beyond limitations such as excessive heat and power consumption and to develop economic display and mobile device as high speed wire- or wireless networks mature. Additionally it is another reason that virtualization technology enable the user to use multi operating system running on a single hardware platform which make platform high efficiency and flexibility. Lastly there is one more accelerator that the server consolidation can deliver individual platform to end user and offer convenient management environment. In summary, it can be said that current virtualization technology enable dynamic resource allocation independently to contribute to increase the efficiency and flexibility of future computing environment and to simplify change management.

Desktop virtualization market

The Gartner group expected desktop virtualization market will be grow up to 65.7 billions sales scales equivalent to about 40% of worldwide business desktop market in 2013, it can be conversed to 50 millions desktops. In contrast, domestic desktop virtulization market began to be formed at 2010. The market trend show the feature that virtualized desktop has been expanded to enterprise-wide range from partly introduced at the center of call center, IDC center and educational center. The rapid spread of this technology could be analysed as prevention purpose on large security violation accident and the leaking of inside information as well as smart working business sponsored by goverment with the purpose of low birth rate conquest and growth of production. The domestic market scales of desktop virtualization will be expected to turn to 110 billions market growth in 2013, equivalent to 0.5 millions desktop from 44.3 billions in 2009. The virtualization software solution account for 15% portion of expected investment costs, others are server ,network, PC license fee and so forth. The global vendor such as citrix korea, VMware korea dominate domestic market but domestic ventor such as SoftonNet and Tilon are in hot pursuit of global vendor. Finally, we can find implications on survey results performed by CIO magazine that the top three considerations of CIO in customer market among top ten strategic technology selected by Gartner group. 

Consideration on planning stage

As mentioned above, the critical succsess factors of virtualized desktop service includeboth the clear definition of primary requisite to introduce desktop virtualization successfully and exhaustive review on known issues such as network overload, license issue and service restrictions in the stage of planning periods. To examine the considerations according to introduction goals are as follows. First of all, for the stronger data security, we should unify data management process, reduce the risk of leaking information through the segregation of the internet network and business network, and intensify security certification using user certification and Active Directory. Secondly, for the integrated management of IT resources, we should consider standardization of virtualization, implement integrated monitoring system and automatic resource allocation and restoration. Thirdly, we should change fixed cost to variable cost through efficient IT resource management scheme for reducing operation and investment costs and we should prepare constant business supporting scheme through business contingency plan, flexible capacity plan and high speed resource provisioning for high stability. Most of solutions has prevented service disruptions from performance problems caused from integrated all desktop into server, by both using specific protocols and integrating WAN acceleration function to reduce network overload. Additionally, software license issues are divided into two groups such as operating license issue and third party software license issue. For example, in case of Microsoft, we should buy additional license such as window client software assurance or VDA(Virtual Desktop Access) license in order to change the window or package software into virtualization model. In case of third party software, we should prepare a countermeasure referencing on authoritative interpretation form Program Deliveration and Mediation Committee. And aside from this, it is required of the payback strategic on investment costs because we should review not only virtualization software, storage system and additional PC license but also disaster recovery system for centralized service. Various implementing stategy will be necessary for successful virtualization project, we should focus on the reduction of management and maintenance costs instead of delivery cost in aspect of payback costs or we should consider just application virtualization instead of desktop virtualization along with business properties.

The effect of introduction for desktop virtualization

Many company are passive about desktop virtualization in the lack of specific evidence on introduction effect such as stronger security, growth of production and Green energy. Let’s introduce successful case as belows to catch up with beneficial effects, which performed by the SI company with the purpose of high management efficiency, agile mobility, increased security and Green IT effect. In aspect to increased security, the company achieved not only their bigger target of increased security but productivity and maintenance efficiency through 1 year test operation. Further examination, desktop virtulization was evaluated as high increased security solution without impediment of business convenience because customers always connect virtualized desktop located in data center whenever they try to connect their desktop. Additionlly, in smartworking terms, mobile worker’s PC become easily tendancy to amplify security violation risk because not only could not customers use data in office PC when mobile worker do business by private or public PC, but what set environments inside PC cause a number of trouble whenever accessing interal office system. Therefore mobile platform and heterogeneous OS based desktop can provide connectivity with minimizing security risk through virtualized desktop. Besides in case of offering internal system connectivity to system developer or system operator working on remote area, the benefits could be described as desktop virtualization enable customer to make allocation, change and restoration promptly, to apply stronger security regulation and to offer safety collaboration environment. Finally in increased management efficiency and Green IT terms, the advantage is magnified as resources can be allocated or restored easily in response to according to user requests. Moreover data loss from hardisk failure can be removed originally. (table 2) as below show how much power saved when customer use low-power terminals such as thin client or Netbook after desktop virtualization applied. At result, it can take effects of lowering electric bill and cooling costs as well as transportation expenses from homeworking, in other words to take Green IT effect indirectly.. 

(table 2) comparison of amount of electricity used after desktop virtualization applied

Closing remarks

In a wide-open cloud computing ages, many companies have checked the validity of introducing desktop virtualization as infrastructure for increased security and smartworking. The market maturity of this technology can be expected that it will enter common use period within 2 years, the roadmap for spread show the development sequence such as virtualized data center, backup center, virtualized desktop and cloud infrastructure. As the introduction effects was mentioned in the beginning part of this article, this technology acts as solver for increased security and smartworking, whichbring the real benefits such as the cost reduction, efficient management, and Green IT. Finally it will be expected that native vendor can solve the common problems such as excessive initial investment costs and management issues. At present, as the technical leader group in domestic has develop vitualization solutions as well as integrated management solution based on open technology platform, they can offer not only a breakthrough of company faced common problem, but opportunity to practice symbiosys management. 


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